Wanted! Public History Explorers

Are you interested in Public History? Do you want to promote your country´s initiatives in Public History? Are you part of a Public History Event? or do you just want to be part of our worldwide network of Public Historians?

We then invite you to become a Public History Explorer.

The International Federation for Public History issues monthly newsletters, composed of news sent by the Explorers from different countries. To be part of this project you just need to send us an email to pubhisint@gmail.com  You may also find useful to be part of our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/ifphgroup/




Here is how it works!


As an explorer, you send us an email wrapping up some highlights of public history news from your country. Feel free to spread the word, tell your friends and colleagues, we are always looking for new explorers.

You can also share your individual news of our Facebook forumhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/ifphgroup/. If you are in Facebook join our group and start contributing.  

  • You will keep a sharp eye out and do some active searching for public history news in your country or region.
  • As you come across news, you will simply email us the link along with a 2-3 line (no more) description in the original language of the news story/article/etc. Please, also write a 1-2 line description in English for non-English news items.
  • Every month, we will send an email reminder in the 3rd or 4th week of the month with a deadline for any news to make it in that month’s newsletter.
  • You will get credit in every email newsletter that you contribute to and a credit byline on the website.
  • The email newsletter will go out to IFPH members and go on the blog so that everyone can enjoy the news.


What news should you be gathering?


Primarily, we want new publication, interesting projects, stories about public debates, news stories about public history subjects/organizations, job & internship listings, and news about upcoming conferences or resources from recent conferences. You can look on news website, local public history association website, list-serves, blogs, and wherever else you usually find news from the field. There are already so many emails sharing news from the US, so please don’t send any US news unless it’s explicitly international.


Every news item should have a link(s) with it. These can be to conference websites, news articles, blogs, project websites, etc.


We are looking broadly for public history news, so while anything with the words “public history” is obviously a priority, also look for keywords like “applied history,” “uses of the past,” “memory and identity,” “historic preservation,” and “exhibits.” We realize that in many countries, public history is being done without being called “public history,” so I will leave it up to you to decide whether it is public history news. If you aren’t sure, ask me in the email when you send it, and I’m happy to help you decide.

Have a look at the previous newsletter.

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