Mapping Public History Projects about COVID 19

The IFPH started a collaboration with Made By Us to map projects that collect, archive, and document lives and stories during the COVID 19 pandemy. “COVID-19, a global pandemic in a world that’s more interconnected than ever before, presents us with a historic moment. It’s an unwelcome one, to be sure, but ours nonetheless. we know our day-to-day experiences, stories, artifacts and recollections will become the primary source for future generations to learn “what it was like.”” (Made By Us)

Made By Us brings history to younger generations in innovative and meaningful ways, so they have more fuel to power the future. While they started to map projects in the United States, the IFPH is happy to join and help map international projects.

You can check the map below. It showcases important voices, especially as experiences vary so much from place to place. Use this map to navigate to your location and locate the pin nearest you. Click on the pin to pull up a window with the link to the collecting initiative.

Know an organization that should be listed on the map? Fill out this form.

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  1. Thank you for your message. The list does not pretend to be complete. Happy to receive more entries.

  1. August 12, 2020

    […] The International Federation for Public History has decided to link all projects on one page ( The list is far from being […]

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