Cristina Lleras, candidate to the IFPH elections

Cristina Lleras is candidate for the Delegate position

  • Bio

Cristina Lleras is currently the head curator of the Museo de Bogotá in Colombia. Previous to this post she has worked as a curator in art, memory and history exhibitions that bring to the present silences and meanings about the forgotten past. She has also held curatorial posts at the Museo Nacional de Colombia and Museo de Memoria de Colombia where her concern has been the creation of narratives that actively involve visitors in the transformation of stereotypes, prejudices and behaviours. Her academic research has focused on reflexive writing on her own practice, national museums, symbolic reparation and activism. 

  • Statement for the IFPH

Curatorial and museological work in art, history and memory are continuously challenged by the question of how narratives about the historic past can shed light on present day tensions and problems in order to engage audiences in productive constructions of possible futures. The present day context of the social and climate crisis calls museums and other public history institutions to take a stand and work together in providing forums for debate and spaces to work collaboratively in survival strategies. Legacies of racism, xenophobia, sexism and other global problems need to be addressed urgently, as well as our relationship with the non-human. In this context, IFPH is an ideal setting to bring professionals together in thinking about the ways in which these topics can be addressed and how PH institutions and programs can develop joint strategies. 

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