Elections 2020 – Welcome to our new team!

Following the elections in late 2020 the Steering Committee is very sorry to say goodbye to the wonderful Catalina Munoz Rojas. We thank her for her sterling efforts working on behalf of the IFPH for the past four years.

We are delighted to welcome Cristina Lleras onto our team for the first time this year. Cristina is currently the head curator of the Museo de Bogotá in Colombia. Previous to this post she worked as a curator of art, memory and history exhibitions. She hopes to focus her public history efforts with the IFPH on the legacies of racism, xenophobia and sexism in the years ahead. She believes that the IFPH is an ideal setting to bring professionals together to think about the ways in which our global problems can be best addressed. 

The committee look forward to continuing to work in partnership with Anita Lucchesi who was re-elected for a second term. She spent her early years in Brazil before moving to Europe, where she now lives. She was awarded her PhD in History from the Centre for Contemporary and Digital History at the University of Luxembourg last year. Her digital history PhD focussed on the epistemological issues emerging from what she defines as “hermeneutics of practice”. As well as expertly managing the IFPH’s finances as Treasurer she is committed to improving the IFPH’s online reach.

David Dean has also been re-elected to the Committee for a second and final term. Many of you will know he remains a co-director of the Carleton Centre for Public History at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He co-founded Carleton’s MA in Public History in 2002 and is co-editor of IFPH’s journal, International Public History. His edited book The Companion to Public History was published in 2018. His work is focussed on contestation in museums, historical representation in film and theatre, historical authenticity and accuracy, and the notion of “publics”. He looks forward to strengthening the IFPH’s synergy between teaching, community-engaged work and research through online and face to face networking, seminars, workshops, and conferences.

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