Election: Call for Nomination

The International Federation for Public History is calling for nominations for the election of 1 position in its Steering Committee (1 Delegate). The position is for a 4-year term starting on August 1, 2021 (2021 – 2025). Self-nominations and nominations of individuals by a third party are welcome! 

  • 1 Delegate

Delegates’ responsibilities include the creation and management of committees, participation in IFPH communications, participation in the Steering Committee meetings (all online) as well as in conference Program Committees, attendance to IFPH General Assembly during IFPH conferences and, in general, promotion of the IFPH and public history in their country of origin.

  • Requested materials (for the position)

All applicants must be members of the IFPH by the time of the elections

All applicants must provide the following: 

 -Biographical paragraph (up to 250 words)


 -Statement of interest in the position and in the IFPH (up to 500 words)

A description of possible institutional support for the maintenance of IFPH communications as well as travel on behalf of the organization is highly desirable, along with proficiency in English and another language. The IFPH is committed to maintaining a Steering Committee which represents its diverse international membership.

  • Contact

Send all nominations to the IFPH (pubhisint@gmail.com) by June 30th, 2021. Elections will be held between July 5 and 15 of 2021 and results will be communicated immediately after.

Nominating Committee: Tanya Evans (Delegate), Joanna Wojdon (Delegate)

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