Time to Pass the Torch: Thomas Cauvin’s end of term as President of the IFPH

Member of the International Federation for Public History since its creation in 2011, I have had the honor to act as its President since 2018, trying to fill the big shoes of my predecessor and friend Serge Noiret. My term as President has come to an end and I decided not to run for a second mandate. It has been a privilege to collaborate and work with my fellow members of the Steering Committee, to help building international networks, co-organize wonderful events, and simply learning from so many practitioners and students in the field.

            However, I feel that this is time for me to step aside for another President to impulse new ideas, new projects, and new perspectives. I am a true believer in collaboration and one should know when to commit and when to leave space for other voices. Needless to say I will remain wholeheartedly committed to helping the IFPH, its members, and many ongoing projects. In other words, I will still help as much as I can, simply in other ways.

            With the help of members, partners, the IFPH has tremendously grown since 2011 and we can testify of the presence of public history all over the world. We are very proud to now have an online peer-reviewed journal – International Public History published by De Gruyter Publishing – a very active presence on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and a wonderful forthcoming 2022 conference in Berlin (August). Public history is spreading locally, nationally – see the national groups and associations of public history in Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, and United States. Last but not least, I wish to see and meet with many of you at the forthcoming 2022 IFPH international conference in Berlin (August).

It has been a pleasure and a honor to act as President of the IFPH. 

Thomas Cauvin, President of the IFPH

3 Responses

  1. Michael Dove says:

    Much thanks for your service Thomas. Wonderful work!
    Hope to see you in Montreal in March!!

  2. Jon Hunner says:

    Thanks for all that you have done for public history internationally Thomas.
    It will be hard to replace you.

  3. Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld says:

    Thank you for your great contribution, Thomas, and see you in Montreal and Berlin next year!

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