Introducing the IFPH Student and New Professional Committee

Hope Shannon, Vice-Chair, IFPH Student and New Professional Committee

By Hope Shannon @HistorianHope

The idea for an International Federation for Public History student and new professional committee came out of the inaugural IFPH conference in Amsterdam in October, 2014. Interested students and new professionals began thinking about committee goals and potential projects while the IFPH steering committee considered the new committee’s role within the IFPH.The IFPH officially established the Student and New Professional Committee in January 2015.

Chair of the Student and New Professional Committee: Courtney Neaveill

Courtney Neaveill, Chair, IFPH Student and New Professional Committee

The committee includes chair Courtney Neaveill, a Public History M.A. student at the Free University of Berlin and vice-chair Hope Shannon, a United States and Public History PhD student at Loyola University Chicago. We are currently searching for public history students and new professionals from other areas of the globe to fill the remaining three committee seats. Open positions include committee secretary, communications officer, and global ambassador coordinator.

The Student and New Professional Committee advocates for the interests of public history undergraduates, graduate students, and new professionals around the world. In particular, we seek to build awareness of public history opportunities and establish and strengthen connections between student and new professional public historians separated by international borders.

IFPH Amsterdam 2014 Conference

Young participants at the IFPH Annual Meeting, University of Amsterdam, October, 2014

To meet these goals, the committee has undertaken several projects, including the establishment of a student and new professional section on the IFPH website. This web page will serve as a hub for students and new professionals interested in public history projects happening around the world, as well as a clearinghouse for professional training, career, and scholarship opportunities. It will also contain information about public history programs, web resources, a public history bibliography, a list of IFPH’s student and new professional public historians, and an upcoming public history conference list.

In addition, we plan to launch social media accounts and an email newsletter that will publicize new content from our web page and help us connect with similar committees and public history organizations. We hope that the web page and social media accounts will provide students and new professionals with spaces in which to communicate with each other. We are also seeking global ambassadors who will help keep us informed about the state of public history in their regions and who can set up local meetings for students and new professional public historians.

Finally, we are reaching out to students and new professionals around the globe to draw attention to the committee’s existence and to build support for these projects.

If you have questions, are interested in serving on the committee, or want to volunteer to help with committee projects, please email Courtney at or Hope at If you would like to meet one of us in person, Courtney is attending the IFPH meeting at European University Institute in Florence in February and Hope is attending the National Council of Public History annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee in April.

Please check the IFPH website soon for project updates. If you’re not an IFPH member, we hope you will become a member and support the work of this and other IFPH committees.

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