Become a member: Invitation from Tanya Evans, President of the IFPH

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this finds you well. I am writing today as President of the International Federation of Public History to encourage you to join the IFPH in our plans and our future mission for international public history.

Along with my fellow Steering Committee members based in Canada, the US, Luxembourg, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Poland, and India, I am committed to the goals of: 

  • creating an international network of public history programs, scholars, and practitioners
  • facilitating the international exchange of information on teaching and research in, and the practice of public history
  • sharing recommended professional and academic best practices, including standards

of evaluating public history scholarship, creating courses and programs

  • fostering participation of public historians and their organizations in international

congresses and other meetings of scholars and practitioners in the field

  • supporting the formation of national and regional committees of historians working in the field of public history

We want to establish and expand partnerships with a range of international organizations to develop meaningful long-term research, teaching, and community projects with teams of public historians and other disciplinary colleagues around the world. We also aim to expand opportunities for international creative public history practice in all its forms and internships and opportunities for Graduate Researchers. 

But I hope we can do much more than this. Public historians are passionate about the politics of history, and I feel strongly that we have a responsibility to better communicate the value of public history in these times of selfish neo-liberalism and growing authoritarianism. We need to make clear the benefits of collaboration, collective practice, and good citizenship in everything we do professionally and personally as individuals. Working together for the collective good by joining professional membership organizations is one way of doing this. You can find information on our new membership fees here,  

Why should IFPH be the Association you choose to join? Because you’ll be joining an international conversation about how critical public history can combat the excesses of neoliberalism and authoritarianism that endanger our discipline and society today.  Because public history can have a significant impact on learners with social benefits far beyond the academy. Because public history plays a vital role in achieving social justice globally. Please join us in IFPH in making that message loud and clear.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

With all best wishes,

Professor Tanya Evans
President of the International Federation of Public History
On behalf of the Steering Committee of the International Federation of Public History


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