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Around the World from Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and London — New Talent Joins the Student & New Pro Committee

 Our committee is complete! Please allow me to introduce three unique (and quite frankly) brilliant individuals that Hope and I are delighted to welcome to the student and new professional...

IFPH founder public history professor Jann Warren-Findley died February 4


IFPH founder and Arizona State University public history professor Jann Warren-Findley died February 4 in Phoenix, Arizona, after a brief illness.  In April of this year at the upcoming National Council on Public History she was slated to receive the NCPH’s prestigious Robert Kelley Award.  

Think outside the building - San Francisco

“Public History and the Media”, workshop in Florence, February 11-12-13, 2015

In recent decades, public enthusiasm for history and popular engagement with the past has grown dramatically. The popularity of history is manifested most visibly in the proliferation of television documentaries and historical dramas but it is also discernible in the rebirth of the historical novel, the organization of large-scale commemorations of historical anniversaries, the development of new historical museums and exhibitions, re-enactments and living history activities and the emergence of public history as a separate field of academic study. Digitization has also brought history and historical research to the broader public in hitherto unconceivable ways. Yet, for the most part, and with some notable exceptions, academic historians have remained extraneous to these developments, and their relationship to the public is different from that of public historians.

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