Steering Committee


Steering Committee

President,  Thomas Cauvin (FR), Colorado State University, United States (Mandate 2018-2021)

Treasurer,  Anita Lucchesi (LUX),  Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH), Luxembourg (Mandate 2017-2020)

Secretary, Chantal Kesteloot (BEL), Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Society (CegeSoma), Brussels, Belgium (Mandate 2016-2019)

Delegate, Catalina Munoz, (COL), Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia (mandate 2017-2020)

Delegate, Joanna Wojdon (POL),  University of Wroclaw, Poland (Mandate 2019-2022)

Delegate, David Dean (CAN),  Carleton Centre for Public History, Carleton University, Canada (Mandate 2017-2020)

Delegate,  Tanya Evans (AUT), Centre for Applied History, Macquarie University, Australia (Mandate 2018-2021)

Membership Committee

Coordinator: Thomas Cauvin (FR), Colorado State University, United States

Student Committee

Coordinator: Thomas Cauvin (FR), Colorado State University, United States

Former members of the Steering Committee

From the bylaws: former members of the IFPH Steering Committee will form a Consultative Committee to help the Steering Committee when requested by its President. This advisory committee will write a report for the Annual General Assembly of the Federation.

Jean-Pierre Morin (Vice President, 2012-2014) (Office has been replaced with a Member mandate for 2015-2018)

Arnita Jones (Secretary, 2012-2015)

Michael J. Devine (Treasurer, 2012-2016)

Anna Adamek (Member, 2012-2014)

Serge Noiret (President, 2012-2017)

Andreas Etges (Member, 2012-2018)

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